The Blacklist – Long-Running NBC Crime Series


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The Blacklist

While earning his MA in accounting at Texas A&M University-Commerce, Adam McCroskie serves as a marketing representative for Heritage Premium Assignment Company in Rockwall, Texas. An avid fan of The Blacklist, Adam McCroskie enjoys watching episodes of the NBC crime thriller in his spare time.

Premiering in 2013, The Blacklist tells the story of crime boss Raymond (“Red”) Reddington, played by Emmy-winning actor James Spader. Turning himself in, Red offers to provide crucial information to law enforcement through a young FBI profiler, who happens to be his daughter Elizabeth (Megan Boone).

Created by Jon Bokencamp, the show has wrapped its fifth season and has won two Golden Globes. A spin-off, The Blacklist: Redemption, ran for eight episodes in 2017 but was canceled by NBC.


Three Tips for the Perfect Deer Tree Stand


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Deer Tree Stand

A graduate student at Texas A&M University, Adam McCroskie is working toward a master’s degree in accounting. Concurrently, he serves as a marketing representative for Heritage Premium Assignment Company in Rockwall, Texas. Outside of his schooling and work, Adam McCroskie enjoys deer hunting.

One of the most valuable tools in a deer hunter’s arsenal is a tree stand. A tree stand is a deer stand placed up in a tree, giving the hunter an ideal place to wait, with less risk of spooking the deer. These three tips will help you get the most out of your tree stands.

1. Don’t be a tree hunter
Remember, you are deer hunting, not tree hunting. Before you start looking for the perfect tree, find the deer. That perfect tree is useless if it is nowhere near the animals you are hunting. Once you have an idea of where the deer are, then start looking for the perfect tree.

2. Be mindful of wind
Even up in a tree, it is crucial to stay downwind of the deer so their well-honed sense of smell does not give away your location. Always factor the wind direction into choosing a stand. For this reason, it can pay to have multiple tree stands set up already, so you can switch should the wind change direction.

3. Ease of access
You should be able to reach your stand without giving your location away. Avoid stand sites that leave you stomping through a popular watering hole or bedding area. Opt for a tree that you can reach without alerting the deer, but still gives you a clear enough shot.

Huntsman Cancer Foundation Donation Incentives


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Huntsman Cancer Foundation

Adam McCroskie, a marketing representative with Heritage Premium Assignment Company in Texas, dedicates much of his time to philanthropic efforts. One of the ways Adam McCroskie gives back to the community is through the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

Based in Utah, the Huntsman Cancer Foundation (HCF) is the fundraising wing of the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI) at the University of Utah, the number one genetics research facility worldwide. The success of HCL is due, in part, to the donors who choose to contribute to the facility.

The HCF provides a variety of incentives for donors. Those who donate at least $350 can claim a brick paver, which will be placed in the pathway between the Huntsman Cancer Institute and Huntsman Cancer Hospital. The paver can be engraved with a message of up to 40 characters, and is often used to memorialize a loved one or to acknowledge the donor. Larger donors can choose a room or facility at the Institute that has not yet been given a name and name it in honor of themselves or their loved ones. Some of the facilities that have already been named include a waiting room, a private dining room, and an outpatient clinic.