Huntsman Cancer Institute Promotes Cancer Awareness through COPE

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Huntsman Cancer Foundation

A graduate of Texas A&M Commerce with a bachelor of arts in business, Adam McCroskie serves as a marketing representative at the Heritage Premium Assignment Company in Rockwell, Texas. Adam McCroskie also supports the Huntsman Cancer Institute (HCI), which has been designated as a comprehensive cancer center by the National Cancer Institute. HCI manages a diverse assortment of projects and initiatives, such as the Community Outreach and Prevention Education Program (COPE).

COPE operates with the mission of educating the public about cancer risk, screening, and prevention through a skilled team of health educators. The team attends health events, delivers educational presentations, and collaborates on public health campaigns with a variety of public and community entities, including schools, church groups, nonprofits, and community organizations. Additionally, its awareness initiatives include development efforts for up-to-date educational materials that cover all types of cancer.

Educational materials and cancer resources provided by COPE are available to the public on local and national levels. States served by the HCI program include Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Montana. Moreover, state and community organizations can make requests for COPE appearances at their events or for collaboration on a cancer prevention project.

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